Bass Weekend

Some photos I took around the traps at Roxanne and Wobble a few months ago.

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TooMuch #18 featuring Lunice

Heres a video I made of the party a few weeks ago. Such a fun night, big ups to all involved in making it such a successful night.

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Dark Sky @ Roxanne Sept 9

This badman rave right here, presented by Melbourne’s finest The Operatives, Toomuch and Heavy Innit could turn out to be the techno/dubstep/bass party of the year.

Dark Sky’s latest release Radius is compiled of driving bass tunes that combine techno, dub, garage and jungle influences perfectly and their latest mix on XLR8R is compiled of some of my favourite tracks released in the past year. If you haven’t heard of Dark Sky until now you’re seriously missing out and should buy a ticket via Moshtix or regret it later.

Supporting Dark Sky(Ninja Tunes/50 Weapons/UK):
Affiks and A13 (Heavy Innit)
Dysphemic and Miss Eliza (Dysphemic Productions)
David Bass and Same o (Too Much)
Sean Deans (The Operatives)

Tom Edwards, Matt Benyayer and Carlo Anderson together make up the London based production and DJ unit Dark Sky. Having met at music college, Dark Sky formed in 2009 out of a mutual love for the ever evolving London electronic music scene, a love that the trio have always reflected through not only their DJ sets but also their productions, drawing influence from everything from original UK garage through to house, via jungle and disco.

It wasn’t long before their forward thinking outlook on production and DJing got noticed and their debut 12” was picked up by the Bristol imprint ‘Black Acre.’ The release was met by rave reviews which in turn led to remixes for The XX, Stateless, Delooze and more recently Kelis, Alpines and Ben Westbeech. A further EP was signed to the London based indie label ‘Pictures Music,’ which was heavily supported by the likes of Gilles Peterson, Modeselektor, Jamie of XX fame, Untold and many more. Not long after the legendary label ‘Ninja Tune’ released ‘Leave,’ (arguably Dark sky’s most powerful tune to date) as part of the label’s 20th anniversary celebrations.

Dark Sky Soundcloud
Dark Sky on Boomkat

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Heavy Innit 3rd Birthday

If Birthday themed raves are a time to reflect upon the hard work of promoters pushing certain sounds and vibes, the Heavy Innit 3rd Birthday at Roxanne Parlour said nothing but positive things about the people and music behind the Melbourne bass-music scene.

Heavy Innit have been responsible for bringing some of the biggest international names in dubstep to Melbourne in the past so to have an all Australian line-up for this important event says a lot about the support they are giving to the local djs and producers in Melbourne and Australia.

Roxanne as a venue was a favourable choice, the two rooms allowing variation in dubstep sounds and the space was filled with a comfortable amount of people. The main room was a place to be absorbed in the heavy basslines filtering through the Nexo and the feel the familiarity of Roxanne’s bouncing dancefloor. Many congratulations to Affiks and A13 who have worked so hard to run these parties and for playing a set that epitomised the sound they’ve been pushing over the years. A mixture of classic dubstep tunes like Skeng and more vocal sounds were well received by the crowd who responded to every drop with positive energy and admiration. The Abyss who followed drove the sound to an even darker place which was well received by the crowd that like their basslines heavy (innit).

Dubstep and bass-music in the UK and internationally has been more and more influenced by house and techno and the smaller side room at Roxanne was where this was evident in the local scene at the rave. Although acoustically and physically this space was not preferable, the young producers who occupied it and the accompanying visuals being projected behind them, created an atmosphere similar to what you would expect at a party like the Boiler Room in London. Mirror State followed by Arctic and Spherix + Diagram played a combination of live and pre-recorded mixes had their finger on the mark with tune selection and vibe. The intimacy felt between the djs and crowd was electric, particularly during the set of Donalds House by 2am when vision was hazy and spirits were high.

Towards the end of the night the dubstep was leaning more towards bro-step with wobbly bass lines coming from Chewie, J Nitrous and Dysphemic over the venue which satisfied some as the crowd began to thin.

All in all, many big ups to the Heavy Innit crew and artists involved with the night. It symbolised the healthy supportive bass community that exists within Melbourne and the good things to come.

Heavy Innit

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If there’s one collective to watch in Melbourne at the moment it’s THIS THING. ‘The collective includes djs, producers, broadcasters and graphic artists, counting in their number some of the most important young producers at work in the scene’. I think this description sums what they’re about perfectly-you would hope so since the source is their very own website

Just like Los Angeles has Brainfeeder, Melbourne now has ‘This Thing’, I know this may seem like a big call to make but I believe Melbourne is home to some seriously talented beat producers and artists which have now started this really promising collective. The collective is a record label which has now released two EPs:
001: Wooshie / MikeKay EP
002: Baba-X Beattape

A good place to start to hear their sound is this track:
Wooshie – Signs of Age (Baba-x Remix)

You can find all the artists affiliated with the collective on their website and on their Facebook page

Their launch is tomorrow night at R.A.O.B.G.A.B so hopefully see y’all there.

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Aoi: Eye Beam

It’s always so nice when producers make video clips to accompany their beats. As mentioned in a previous post, Aoi is releasing his 12″ this month. This is the track Eye Beam off the release.

I quite like the clip, and definitely had a sick one featuring in it too. Anyway, feast your eyes:

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Prince of Rave: Simon TK

So not only does Simon TK crack hilarious jokes and have a phenomenal taste in electronic music, he’s also a great dancer, has a cool blog Technotookmein and make great collages.
After the many weeks of records arriving on the door step and the many hours deliberating over the careful track listing, this is Klub Martyr. A mix for all occasions, starting deep, slowly building into soulful grooves that makes you want to rave your little heart out. I highly recommend putting this mix on and getting lost within.

You can catch him playing around various venues in Melbourne driving a crowd home to some pounding techno classics at 5am, or maybe over a quiet Bloody Mary on a warm afternoon.
Simon TK on Soundcloud

As a friend it’s been an incredible journey watching Simon’s djing develop and flourish over the past few years and I’m excited to see what the future holds for this talented individual.

Contact Simon TK

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Community Radio

People may argue that radio is a dying art from but I beg to differ. Perhaps Commercial radio as a money making medium isn’t quite returning the figures it used to, but radio is still as important as ever in giving upcoming producers exposure and pushing the sounds of the underground.

This is a list of my favourite radio stations and programs which I suggest checking out:

The Sunday Roast

Kiss Fm: 87.6 – 88.0fm, Sunday 4.30-6pm.

A Weekly show on Melbourne’s Kiss Fm playing’ Dubstep, funky, grime, wonky, broken beat, 130-140bpm’.

The 5 sets of hosts rotate weekly which keeps things interesting, but I promise you will always be in good hands.

It Can be difficult to pick up KissFm from radios but streaming off the internet is usually pretty reliable.

Kiss’s Website for Streaming

Sunday Roast’s Facebook

The Beat Delivery

PBS 106.7, Friday 10:00pm to 12:00am

Tony Black, a new addition on the Melbourne scene spins the latest tunes of the underground. Clearly influenced by his hometown Glasgow and the thriving scene there, expect to hear ‘anything with a heavy bass line’ from all corners of the globe. If you’re lucky you might even catch him play a live set at the recently opened ‘RAOB GAB’ or Buffalo Club. Check the event page for details.

Live streaming and past shows can be heard here: The Beat Delivery.

The Beat Delivery’s FB

Broadcast in the UK or streamed on

Originating as a pirate radio station in East London, Rinse has been one of the most important players in broadcasting bass music not only in the UK but internationally. The Rinse family consists of some of the most forward thinking DJs and producers in the in the scene. Some of my personal favourites are Ben UFO and Oneman. If you want to hear the next big tunes Rinse.FM is where they will be heard first and the MCing is quite entertaining.


Mary Anne Hobbs

I mentioned in an earlier post how influential Mary Anne Hobb’s has been on myself as an individual, but her role in broadcasting the deeper darker sounds coming from the bedrooms of producers worldwide helped establish the healthy vibrant scene it has eventuated into today. I couldn’t write this post without giving her a mention.

If you haven’t please check out her final show on BBC 1 as in my opinion it’s one of the best curated 2 hours on radio I’ve ever experienced. Rumour has it she’s returning to radio soon though! Watch this space for updates.

Final mix on BBC1

For further reading on community radio, Resident Advisor wrote an amazing article a few months ago.

RA on CR

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M-Town Part #1: Aoi

The best thing about the accessibility of production equipment and software in the modern age is talented young producers are able to channel their creative energy and come up with really unique and original material with very few limitations. I’ve been discovering Melbourne is full of talented beat makers, so these next few posts are going to be a collection of my favourite tunes from some of my favourite lads in the local scene.

Originally from Brisbane, Aoi has been producing beats for a number of years and gaining a healthy following in M-town particularly over the past few months. He recently supported a favourite of mine Seekae at the Workers Club and his anticipated 12″ Funnelweb is now out on Wax Museum Records.

Wax Museum is arguably one of Melbourne’s best hiphop/beats labels who throw some really cool parties often down at the illusive Croft Institute. You can find their shop at Shop 2 Campbell Arcade (in the Flinders St Subway), Degraves St, Melbourne CBD, 3000. You can buy Funnelweb in store and will possibly online in a few weeks.

Aoi’s sound is glitchy and playful, often with heavy bass beats accompanied by strange and wonderful samples.

He often plays around Fitzroy and has been involved in the night Uncomfortable Beats down at Bar Open.

Check out the great artwork that has featured on his other releases on his website . The tunes are also freely available in MP3 format in the Discography section. My personal favourite is Prelude to a come down
Aoi’s Soundcloud

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Cooly-G: It must be love

Signed to Kode 9’s Hyperdub label, another significant artist risen from the London underground is Cooly G (pronounced Cool-ie Gee). Her sound is dark and has a really deep bass driven sound which places her very well amongst the other players of the Hyperdub family like Ikonika, Burial, Darkstar etc.

If you don’t know much about the label I strongly suggest having a listen to the HDBCD005 release 5: Five Years of Hyperdub. The compilation gives a really good overview of the artists and sound that has shaped this label into the influential and dominating force it is today.

Two stand out tracks for me from Cooly G are Love Dub and Up In My Head which both include her luscious vocals. She’s often been labeled the Queen of funky with a few tunes that could be labeled two-step like Weekend Fly and Ya Instrumental.
Love Dub:

She also recently mixed a podcast for XLR8R which is really perky which I recommend giving a listen.
Cooly G’s Myspace

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Big it up for TooMuch! and Ikonika

Come help celebrate TooMuch!’s 2nd Birthday with our girl Ikonika:

In case you had forgotten:
Ikonika’s Soundcloud

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Mount Kimbie Interview on ITM

To say I’m a bit of a fan of London’s Mount Kimbie is quite an understatement. I have all their releases, numerous podcasts and so many good things to say about them (in case you didn’t notice throughout the blog). They’re playing a show in Melbourne with Lorn on the 5th of March that everyone should buy a ticket to.

I was recently accepted to become a contributor on the website which is really exciting as the audience for that website is much bigger than this blog. The first article I wrote for them was an interview I conducted with Kai of Mount Kimbie which was one of the most challenging and rewarding experiences since I began writing about music.

The article is up on inthemix (click the image above to get to the page) but there was other material I didn’t include that I thought deserved to be posted. I had a few too many pints of cider panic drinking as I prepared myself for the interview so some of my questions are worded quite badly so I apologise. Let me tell you I was very giggly throughout the interview speaking to someone I admire so much but Kai was a pleasure to talk to anyway and went along with my excitement.

Obviously you’ve just finished up a tour with Caribou. What have you been up to since the tour?
D: They were the last few gigs we played for the year and it was quite an end to a very busy year, and I didn’t realise how tired i was until i stopped then Christmas, I’ve had time to relax and see my family in Cornwall.

So are you guys back in England now?
Yeah, since Christmas we’ve had a lot of stuff to do, like boring stuff in England. To be honest im not really sure where we are at the moment, we’se in Sussex and we rented a cottage down here and have had like 2 weeks here.

Have you been working on any more productions?
Yeah we’ve been writing new music, yeah thats something we’ve wanted to do really badly. We haven’t had much time to do anything since the tour really

What have you been listening to recently? What’s been effecting your productions?
We went to London today to see this band called Wulyf, theyre brilliant, they dont have an album out yet, theyre from Manchester and they sound nothing like us but I think theyre one of the best bands that I’ve heard in so long. We listen to the Actress album a hell of a lot and Dom’s pretty obsessed with Tame Impala as well.

So your tour coming up in Australia, have either of you been to Australia before?
Yeah actually I have family in Austrlaia so I’ve been to Perth and Fremantle and that’s where they are. Im pretty excited to see the East Coast

Have you heard much about the Australian music scene at all?
Not really, when I go it’s more to see family and fishing and stuff.

So when youre on tour a lot of your work has a lot of field recordings in it, I remember reading an interview with you that included an interesting comment about you throwing stones at a tunnel and then using the samples in your work..
So do you ever do field recordings when youre touring?

Yeah we take like a microphone with a hard drive on it and we tend to take that everywhere and record quite a lot and go through it much later, it’s quite nice, theyre like photographs like going back to the sounds of the different places.

Obviously you guys toured in Berlin in the middle of the year, what effect did Berlin have on your vision of music?
We’ve been to Berlin a few times and we both love it so much, whenever we have days off we try and go. If I was to live anywhere else other than London then it would be Berlin for sure. I mean I quite like to commute there for sure, its just difficult because
im not at home much. In terms of the music, theres somethign about berlin and its so cheesy because everyone says it, but there is soemthign about the space there makes you feel very productive. Id really liek to go and make a record there, or move there for a while

I’m interested to hear what youre impressions on Berghain show was? What was it like playing there?
It was amazing, I remember I was out there the year before, i was with some people and we were going to go to Berghain but we didnt end up going, so it was the first tiem id ever been there when we played, it was amazing. In terms of like some shows where we play with band bands kind of thing and people are quite confused that you have samplers
and stuff, and you play shows like Berghain and people are upset that you get a guitar out. There was a girl, it was a really good show but there was this girl telling us to fuck off for like half an hour. It was amazing i had such a good night after. I left at like 2 o’clock the next day so it was a very good night.

Another thing about that night, it was Sub:stance gig ran by Paul/Scuba from Hotflush the record label youre signed to. Tell me about your relationship with Paul and Hotflush, where did it start?
We have a very good relationship, we’re really good friends so its nice working for your friends which is really great. Its such a good positive relationship. I feel like they were probably the only record label at the time that would have put out our first record at the time, certainly in that scene, or in London at the time
There’s no way that any other record label would have put it out. It did us a lot of favours I think because at the time, the dubstep thing wasnt a fashionable word, but it has quite a lot of attention, so if it hadn’t been involved with it then, it… but I really wanted us to bring something to the label as well and I feel like it was the right
fit and it moved forward together really naturally. It has been a good working relationship.

Have you been approached by any other record labels to do any releases?
In the early days, yes nothing too major, its a bit up in the air at the moment because our contract with Hotflush is a three record contract….
I mean we don’t have anything for a new record at the moment but I’m not sure what’s going to happen, so when the next one comes out we will see.

So with your tour with The XX in particular, I read an interview and someone asked you, who do you want to collaborate with and you and Dom’s answer was The XX. So obviously you’ve had that opportunity and did a fantastic tour with them…
So who is an artist in the future that you would like to work with?

Im not sure, I cant think of anyone of the top of my head but we both have ideas about vocalists we would like to work with and stuff, I guess its just about doing it in a natural way.. There’s a guy called Samtha and he’s a friend because of music and we move in the same circles and thing and he supported us at one of our shows as well
and he has an incredible voice and I’ve written a couple of things with him in mind. I’m also friend’s with this guy called Jamie Williams, i’m not sure if you’ve heard of hi in Australia but he’s doing quite well over here at the moment and he has an incredible voice and we’ve been wanting to do something for ages so…
So hopefully this year we’ll be doing something…

So for the future are you thinking of getting more vocalists on board and then you produce the beats?
Yeah, i mean if it was for someone else’s record, I would want to make a record with different vocalists on every song if you know what I mean, that’s not something I want to do. but maybe this year we’ll help produce other people’s music, we’ll see.

How are you feeling about the live shows at the moment? Obviously you have had a lot of experience with them now? Are you feeling much for comfortable with them?
We made these songs in our bedrooms and stuff and it’s a very different thing taking them into that arena. We had a show last Saturday for Gilles Peterson worldwide awards at Koko in London and it felt like an end of year thing because it was the last show before we came down here and it was by far the best show we have ever played. It was everything we had been trying to do came together at the right time and we hadn’t practiced much which was good and that really was a massive confidence boost because it was a massive crowd and we were playing after James Blake and Flying Lotus so it was a pretty hard thing to follow and we I thought it just all sort of made sense and it was exactly what we have been trying to do so I’m so happy that
after a year of doing this it’s finally starting to work out exactly how we want it to. I’m very excited to be going out and doing more.

So personally for you what’s been one of the fondest memories you have of playing live?
Really early on we got to play at Ronny Scott’s in London which is an incredibly famous jazz club, I used to buy Ronny Scott’s compilation cds which is jazz mostly, so we were playing on the same stage as John Coltrane and people like that which is incredible for me so that was a really special gig. Theres always the weird ones like playing in some massive
ampitheatre in Lithuania which sticks in mind which has been incredible with the amount of people and stuff.
Our US tour was really really amazing as well, we met so many people and so many people came to the shows. I didn’t really know what to expect like going to Colorado and I just thought no one was going to come and it was so busy, it was so good.

So do you have any expectations about your upcoming tour in Australia?
I think our album has had more radio play in Perth than it has in England so I have no idea why either, so I dunno, it’s going to be fun because my brother and sister are going to be there, and some other family and stuff so that will be really good and I’m looking forward to going to Melbourne as well, my sister has just moved down there so staying there for a few days.
So i’m trying not to jinx it or anything but I feel like theres going to be people there and it will be good.

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